Kitchen manufacturing

We construct everything in our own factory, ensuring immaculate and unbeaten quality.

Our Commitment

Conti Kitchens is an award winning kitchen designer and manufacturer, because we care about delivering the very best results for our clients. Through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and attention to every detail we will bring your dream kitchen from concept to reality.

Tailor-made for you

No kitchen is ever the same, so we always design kitchens from scratch, considering every requirement and preference you have. Our specialist kitchen designers will incorporate your ideas into their designs to create the perfect kitchen that complements your home and your lifestyle.

conti kitchens building
conti kitchens factory

Superior Craftsmanship

Imagine coming home to a dream kitchen so magnificently constructed and finished it is a delight to work in.

Styled Practicality

A perfect blend of style, function and practicality, timeless in appearance, yet its efficient layout offers an abundance of storage and work space.

Your own dream design transformed from concepts and ideas to reality before your eyes, thanks to an exclusive computer custom design service – the end result limited only by your imagination.

Your Kitchen Design

Unlimited choices

A choice of materials, finishes, styles, layouts and options literally unlimited in scope.

Absolute flexibility of design allowing maximization of available space, efficiency, convenience and ease of use.

Maximize Space

Adjustment Shelving

Multiple adjustment shelving accommodating everything from flat trays to tall bottles with ease.

High density moisture resistant board to maintain strength and rigidity – superior grade white melamine finish interiors for ease of cleaning.

Easy to Maintain

Practical Design

A skirting board design which makes cleaning a breeze (ask us what makes the difference).

Drawers which run smoothly – perfectly every time.

Smooth Interaction

Durable Hinges

Innovative award winning double strength all-metal hinges designed to hold at least twice the weight of conventional hinges – designed to last a lifetime and keep your doors in alignment.

Kick bases constructed on a adjustable 150mm plinth adjuster platform for maximum strength and a perfect fit to both floor and cabinets – no gaps for creepy crawlies to have free reign.

Adjustable Bases

Qualified Hands

Trades people carefully chosen and trained under close supervision of our works manager – intensive training at each stage of manufacture, with at least 3 years experience with us before being given the responsibility of manufacturing your kitchen.

Each kitchen the responsibility of one tradesperson and professional installer from start to finish to ensure consistency and satisfaction of your every requirement. Every order completed totally in-house, ensuring superior quality control.

Superior Quality